Samantha Speaks

Saturday, September 16, 2006

My nephew blowing out his candle on his birthday cake! He wasn't feeling very good that day, so his dad had to hold him!!! The only thing that promted him to do it was the threat that his little sister (on the left side of the picture) was going to do it for him!!!

Here is my niece behind the wheel! She's ready to go!!!
Here are my mom and dad with baby ben! They just love that kid to pieces!!!

Here are 11 of my 13 neices and nephews! I think they are too cute!!!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Here we are at Six Flags Magic Mountain waiting in line to ride the big white rollarcoaster backwards! I love Halloween!!!

Me and my Dad at my cousin's wedding in Utah! Aren't we SO mature?!

Here is me and my newest nephew, Ben! Isn't he too cute?!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Here we are at the Ren. Fest!!!
This is me and my siblings several years ago!!! It's the most recent picture of all of us together!

These girls are some of my old roommates and best friend!!! I had so much fun at BYU! Truly a once in a lifetime experience!!! I love these girls!!!
The Manhatten Temple is such an amazing building! You step inside and it really is like a refuge from the world! It was the first time that I fully understood that about temples! You don't hear the noise from the street inside! You really forget that your in the middle of Manhatten!!!

Here we are at a luau! Doesn't it look like we are in HAWAII?!
These are some of my best friends, Kelley and Becca! They are so awesome!!!

This is one of my best friends, Amber, and I getting ready for 80's night!!! Don't we look hot?!

Who wouldn't love Central Park...during the day at least!!!

I love Central Park!!!
Here we are at "Top of the Rock" (Rockafeller Center Observation Deck!). I would recommend that over the Empire State Building because you get amazing views of the Empire State Building and Central Park!

This is Melissa and I at Coney Island!

This is me and one of my best friends Melissa! She is my travelling buddy! We always go on trips together! If you can't tell, thats the Washington Monument in the background!
Look at me being SO Presidential! We were so proud that we actually found something in DC! We followed the Metro map and we found it!!! Thats as close as you can get now and you can only walk to it!!! No driving close to it!!!

Welcome to my blog! I chose this picture because I love it and I love NYC!!! I'm going to try and post pics form my trips, family, and friends! Enjoy!!!