Samantha Speaks

Monday, July 09, 2007

This is my birthday dinner on Friday! I was definately spoiled this past week for my birthday!!! I have a fabulous family and bunch of friends!!! This is Sarah, me, and Melissa at dinner!

This is Scott, Kirsi, me, Barbie, and Mike after dinner!

This is at my birthday dinner on Sunday with my family! Isn't Baby Ben so cute?!

My sister-in-law Shayla and me!

Barbie and me before anyone else got there for a game night on Sunday night! I was so spoiled this week, but it meant a lot to me and was totally fun!!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Yes, I got a man for my birthday!

Susannah and Melissa!


Lonna and Leslie!

The Cake was awesome!!!
So, last night a fabulous thing happened! Some of my friends tricked me and threw me a surprise sleepover for my birthday! It was so much fun! But, before I knew, here is Kirsi tricking me into thinking that we were waiting for Barbie to get home from taking her sister to the airport! This is us being impatient!!!

Surprise!!! Barbie and me and my fabulous feathered boa!

Me and Becka!!!


Kirsi made me Tigger!!! My favorite!!!!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Becka and Sylvie were in a play, Hello dolly! They were absolutely amazing!!!

Mike showing Jeff and the other boys how to make paper flowers!
Mike massaging Barbie! That machine is fabulous!
Barbie and me!

James being goofy!
Barbie and Mike while Mike is playing piano! Such a rarity for Mike to play the piano!!! We are very lucky to catch it on film!!!
Jeff in cool hat!

Barbie finally arrived, totally surprised! It was awesome!
This is the cake that Kirsi made, from scratch!

Barbie and her sister Kim! Kim was amazing! She got Barbara to Mike's house without her suspecting a thing!
This luau was thrown for Barbara as a surprise for her birthday! This is before she showed up! Here are Tiffanie, Chad, and Lonna!
Here is Ben!
Kirsi and me!!!

Here are Travis and James!
This was Mike and Ben's Birthday Cake! Made completely by Kirsi!!! She's awesome!

Me and Kelley!
Mike and Trisha playing DDR!
Kirsi and Barbara!

Mike putting part of the cake on his head!

Here is a new development in my life! This is the band I'm in, Holy Buckets!
On the far left is Mike! He's our guitarist! (I don't know if I spelled that right!) Next is me! I'm the Lead Singer! Then there is Barbara (Barbie)! She plays the triangle! Then, there is Kirsi (pronounced Kid-er-see)! She plays the nose flute! Yes, that's right, the nose flute! So, that's Holy Buckets!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

I am such a slacker! I have gotten so busy in the last 4 months that I completely forgot about this! I will post some new pics in a bit!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

This Christmas Eve was the best we've ever had. For my family, it's not just Christmas Eve, it's also my parent's anniversary! So, we planned a big surprise for it! We each made them something that was for them and their life together and we presented them with them! It was quite a surprise for them, and made for a very special night! Also, my father gathered us around and had US explain, in turn what happened during the Nativity Story! When one of us would get it wrong, the others would chime in! It was a very necessary and informative night! Thanks Dad!!! So, because of these things, it made for the best Christmas Eve ever!!! Nothing more fabulous than that!!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

So, tonight was my singing class final! Of course, me being a freak, I dressed up in a crazy fabulous dress! A lot of my family and friends were there to see me! I love them all! Here are some pics from tonight! Truly, although I felt ill right before singing, a fabulous night!!!